BMW 3.0 CSL – we are not afraid of the future


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CSL vs CSL 02
Will there still be cars to admire? Ou yeah, thanks to the BMW, which presented its concept car BMW 3.0 CSL.

Concept presented at the Concorse d´Eleganza competition at Villa d´Este gives BMW fans hope that there will still be cars to admire. To design this beauty, BMW found inspiration in the “Batmobile” version of the E9 model from seventies. Looks great, is it? During the promenade, Batmobile made people simply to stare at it in amazement even though it´s a grandpa. So did the concept BMW 3.0 CSL! No shame at all. Suddenly, Como lake was in silence, just hoarse engine sound was present. Spectators started whispering between themselves. Do you see those 21” wheels, rear spoiler and those muscles? Narrowed shaped front xenon lights, small black spoilers and its DTM shape like style makes from this CSL an alien in this world of design uniformity.



BMW 3.0 CSL Concept is simply the evidence of the respect to the history. It’s a want of the BMW to build and show a potential successor which might be at least as successful as predecessor.

But will really be as successful? We asked the person responsible for this project and he shaked his shoulders. No other answer was necessary. But you never know! Hope dies last!

By Samuel Vanko
Photo: Samuel Vanko, Uwe a bmwclassic