Breathtaking FLAT4s or how our redactor finds himself surrounded by many flat engines


FLAT 4 08

We were just about to speak about September events, when suddenly Jacobo Almohada, one of our colleagues on the conference call, said nervously whether we could skip this paper work.

He was not really in the mood. He said: “It´s weekend guys! Do you want to know what trade unions would have done to know it? To know I am working this beautiful day?” Jacobo left the conference meeting saying that he will bring some proposals in the evening, but now he is going to buy some baguette and take a coffee.

According to his story, he stopped at the parking next to the café. Shortly after, he realized that he is surrounded by flat engine cars. Well, it´s a destiny. You don´t want to work, work will find you. Sunday meeting of VW flat four cylinder engine cars took place at the same parking and actually he was really happy to park there because amazing FLAT4s made his day.

By Samuel Vanko
Photo credits Jacob Almohada