Traverseé de Paris 2016

25. októbra 2015

16th Traverseé de Paris (dedicated to Ladies) was held on 10th January 2016 and we could not miss it. It is one of the biggest events in Paris when enthusiasts of “all” [...]

Automedon 2015

24. októbra 2015

Automedon 2015, held on 10-11th October, attracted to the heart of France more than 330 exhibitors and about 18,000 visitors. Advertisement As in previous years, Automedon [...]

Škoda and MTX on racing track

25. septembra 2015

One part of the program of Austrian Histo Cup, which took place at Automotodrome Brno called also the Masaryk circuit, was the ride of old Czechoslovak single-seaters. [...]

Cycle Kart – Baby Bugatti

1. septembra 2015

During the visit of an automobile museum Cité de l’Automobile (Mulhouse, France), I felt in love with a cycle kart immediately I saw it. That cute and tiny “Baby [...]

Unforgettable legends in one place

26. augusta 2015

We travelled more than 1400 just to get there, but it was really worth it. We enjoyed weekend full of automobile legends. Legends, many of us are dreaming of. Small circuit [...]

Suresnes Auto Rétro

22. júna 2015

Tourist office in Suresnes, outskirt of Paris, has organized for the weekend 19-20 of September 2015 Auto Rétro show connected with small „Concours des Belles [...]

Toyota 2000 GT at Pebble Beach

21. júna 2015

Toyota 2000 GT (picture) model made in 1967 is originally left hand drive. There were not a lot of these and therefore it is expected that the price will rise up to 800 000 [...]

Test drive: Racing Toyota Celica MKI

15. mája 2015

“Do you wanna a ride?” I had to face this kind of a spontaneous question from the owner of this precious Toyota. I almost got a heart attack. “Sorry?” I asked once [...]
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