How Paris centre visit changed to Café Racer Festival!


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Cafe Racer Festival 12
Originally, the plan was to take a kick scooter and go to Paris centre to eat some „crêpes“. It was a great plan for the weekend until though I did not find a circuit nearby. Suddenly, the original plan became a backup plan.

So finally, I headed to Autodrome Lina-Monthléry situated about 30 km from Paris. Autodrome Linas-Monthléry celebrated last year 90 years, so it´s already a pretty much old circuit, but good enough for events like Café Racer festival.

After the arrival, I spent maybe 2 hours just by walking through the paddock, where you could find really everything related to stock motorbikes, café racers or vintage motorbikes. I was simply impressed by the quality of this 2 day event. All day long, there were different races, depending on the category: new, old, stock, custom.

In the case that you were hungry, you could go and buy all those typical diet things like fried chips, sausages, hamburgers and doughnuts. After all races, maybe 3 dozens of motorbikes (competing in the beauty competition) were parked in front of the podium, where they announced the winner. I could not miss this of course, so I bought fried chips with 2 sausages and to keep my figure fit, I got one diet coke too. I do not know who voted in the competition but the winning motorbike (custom one) really deserved it. Who was in the mood, could stay for some concerts, but me, I just checked some café racer girls leaving with their Triumphs and went home too.

By Jacob Almohada