Suresnes Auto Rétro


Suresnes Auto Retro 59

Tourist office in Suresnes, outskirt of Paris, has organized for the weekend 19-20 of September 2015 Auto Rétro show connected with small „Concours des Belles Anciennes“.

Show took place at terrace of Fécheray, Suresnes with beautiful views on Paris. Programme for the weekend was simple for either visitors or participants. Visitors could enjoy all presented cars during two days. For children, simulator was ready to race and have a fun in the case they got bored. Participants could drive through the city and enjoy plenty of historic sites or participate in Sunday´s Concours des Belles Anciennes. Concours was little bit chaotic, because cars were not coming according to their numbers. So once there was a car with number 13 and after 15. In the top three, there was Triumph 2000 roadster, Fiat 508 CS Mille Miglia and Citroen Ds Roadster which has not been seen before by judges.

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By Jacobo Almohada

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