Unforgettable legends in one place


LesGrandesHeuresLinasMontlhery 02

We travelled more than 1400 just to get there, but it was really worth it. We enjoyed weekend full of automobile legends. Legends, many of us are dreaming of. Small circuit near Paris was flooded by many of them.

Who thinks that France is only about the Eiffel Tower, cheese and wine is wrong. You can spot there many old cars on the road too. French people are not ashamed of what they park in the garage, but on the other hand, they are proud of it. They used them to commute to work or just to drive to the nearest coffee shop regardless of the weather. At the end of September, we did a long journey there to visit Les Grandes Heures Automobiles – spectacular meeting of automobile and motorcycle legends at Linas Montlhéry circuit.



On arrival at the circuit, it was clear, that it was worth coming here. What is the last time you saw parked Ferrari F40 at the parking for visitors? So you can imagine….Visitor´s parking was full of legends too. Ferrari F40 or Porsche 930, 911 or 964 and this was just the beginning.

There was a high turnout of people at paddock. It is hardly surprising as there were really nice pieces to see at paddock. We could spot there couple of Rally Group B cars such as Lancia or Peugeot. Our cameras were switched on all the time. No reason to switch them off. Our gallery is full of racing porsches, amazing Mille Miglia or Panamericana race cars which undoubtedly have a place there too. Even Peugeot 205 GTi club took profit of this event to show their cars too.

Who got bored of a static presentation at paddock could enjoy a dynamic presentation at oval track (well with some corners). The most attractive were Rally Group B cars due to their sound coming out of blow off valve. Drivers were fighting with hundreds of horsepower especially when trying to powerslide for audience. It was really amazing experience to see them. Suddenly we went back in time, time of the most brutal rally cars ever made.

Les Grandes Heures Automobile was not only about cars and racing. You could enjoy of different presentations, exhibitions or finale parade. I think we were not the only ones leaving with couple of souvenirs.

By Samuel Vanko
Photo credits Samuel Vanko

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